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Height Safety Training with FallArrest

There are many situations when workers need to perform tasks high off the ground. Whether it’s cleaning windows, tiling roofs or fitting satellite dishes, working at height is a necessary risk which many workers simply need to deal with. Naturally, it is important that the safety and wellbeing of people who undertake such tasks is protected as much as possible, because if something goes wrong when employees are working at height, the risk of sustaining a serious or fatal injury through falling is very significant indeed.

Thankfully, effective work at height training courses can play a key role in helping to mitigate these risks.  We here at FallArrest have a wide selection of outstanding work at height and safety equipment courses available that can help to educate aerial workers about the issues they face and provide them with the skills needed to correctly implement procedures and use relevant equipment.

So, if you are responsible for workers who have to carry out their occupational tasks at height, be sure to have them trained by us here at FallArrest.  Our experienced instructors will provide them with comprehensive height safety training that will help to ensure their personal safety, as well as your operation, remain as safe as possible at all times.

To find out more about the various different training courses we have available, click on the “Training” tab on our home page. Addressing your concerns and meeting your employees safety needs really will provide you with great peace of mind.

28th October 2011 11:58 am

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