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Height Safety Whilst Working on Scaffolding

It is estimated that nearly one-fifth of all fatal falls in the UK involve falling from height off of scaffolding.  Therefore, next time you have to carry out a task that involves the use of scaffolding, make sure you take the time to consider the points listed below.

First and foremost, always ensure you have received work at height training that is relevant to how the scaffolding will be used. If you haven’t been trained – don’t go up.

Before mounting any scaffolding, take some time to give it a quick inspection. The three most important things to ascertain are whether it has been constructed by a reputable company, whether it can withstand a great amount of weight and whether it has guard rails that will help to prevent falls. Do not proceed if you have any reservations after your inspection.

Always ensure that you are wearing personal protective clothing such as a hard hat complete with a ratchet and reversible cradle as well as non-slip steel toe cap safety boots. In addition, relevant fall arrest equipment such as a fall arrest harness can also be a vital asset when working at height.

Don’t listen to anyone, even your boss, if they suggest any scaffolding work practices that may be unsafe. It is your life that you may well be putting at risk by doing the job, so make sure you stick to your guns and keep all risks to a minimum.

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