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Heightsafe Solution for Michelin-Starred Pub

Heightsafe Systems Ltd has supplied and installed a freestanding weighted guardrail to the Michelin Starred Green Man public house in Howe Street, Chelmsford.


Client: The Green Man pub
Project: Extension and refurb of Michelin-starred pub
Problem: Maintaining uninterrupted sightlines on mix of 700+ year old pub and new extension.
Guardrail needed to ensure safety of people accessing new mansard roof.
Solution: Collapsible guardrail, fully compliant yet invisible from ground when not in use.


We received outstanding customer service from Heightsafe and we had no hesitation in recommending them to The Green Man for ongoing maintenance and inspection of the work at height equipment.”
Spokesperson from Phelan Construction



Heightsafe Systems Ltd has supplied and installed a freestanding weighted guardrail to the Michelin Starred Green Man public house in Howe Street, Chelmsford.

Phelan Construction completed the £1.15m extension and refurbishment project at the end of September.

As part of handing over a high quality building that met all work at height requirements, the company appointed Heightsafe Systems to install a collapsible guardrail on the mansard roof on the new extension.

Dating back to 1314, the owners wanted to ‘maintain the character and integrity’ of the pub, which meant that all elements of the design, including the guardrails, had to be approved by the client and architects.

The benefit of working with Heightsafe Systems is that the company has the experience to design and install fully compliant work at height equipment that doesn’t detract from the architectural form, yet still fully complies with Work at Height (2005) and all other relevant legislation.



Following a survey at The Green Man by Heightsafe, the company recommended a collapsible guard rail system because it met the visual brief set on this project. In addition, it can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for specialist tools or expertise, helping Phelan Construction to complete this project exactly to schedule.

Anyone accessing the mansard roof at The Green Man pub will now be able to easily fold up the guardrail to create fully compliant edge protection. When not in use, it can be folded down, so that it is completely invisible from ground level.

A number of legislative requirements apply to guardrails, including Workplace Health Safety & Welfare Regulations 1992, The Building Regulations Part K 2013, and The Work at Height Regulations 2005, plus others. In most situations, guardrails must have at least of two horizontal rails and a minimum height of 1100mm. Heightsafe Systems’ specialist team is able to provide advice on specific requirements for each project.

Aside from it ensuring the safety of people working or accessing the flat roof, Heightsafe Systems’ collapsible guardrail will avoid contractors having to scaffold-out The Green Man every time they need to access the roof, and then dismantled it once work is completed.

There are many reasons why building owners may wish to retain an uninterrupted roofline and, in the case of the Green Man, it was to emphasise the high specification design of the new extension.  This doesn’t try to imitate the older, existing building, but instead establishes itself as a new, sympathetic design on the original 700-plus year old main pub.

Being able to see the guardrails from the ground, even when they were not in use because no one was on the roof, would have created an unnecessary interruption to this harmonious mix of old and new architecture.

Heightsafe Systems offers one of the largest ranges of collective and personal protection systems in the UK. The company’s range of guardrail products are able to eliminate unnecessary risks that people still take on a daily basis when working at height.



A spokesperson from Phelan Construction, said: “We liked that fact that Heightsafe Systems visited the development and made the effort to really understand our needs before providing us with a number of options.

We could immediately see the benefits to the client of a collapsible guardrail because they were looking to maintain the character and integrity of this old and new building.”

He added: “We received outstanding customer service from Heightsafe Systems throughout the whole process. We had no hesitation in recommending them to the management team at The Green Man for ongoing maintenance and inspection of their work at height equipment.”



The collapsible guardrail from Heightsafe Systems is a simple and cost effective method of creating freestanding rooftop Edge Protection. The system, which does not require fixings that penetrate the roof membrane, can be use on concrete, asphalt, PVC membrane and felt roof surfaces.

Heightsafe Systems, which is one of the UK’s leading specialist in work at height safety systems, will be providing ongoing testing and inspection of work at height systems at The Green Man pub.

The Galvin Brothers, who run the Michelin Starred Green Man, aim to give a new lease of life to the extended and refurbished pub by selling local produce and locally brewed beer.


For more information on our collapsible guardrails, visit: https://www.heightsafesystems.com/products/guardrail-systems or call: 020 3819 7199.

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