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Heightsafe Safety Advice

At HEIGHTSAFE our aim is ‘Safety First’ this is why we could not believe it when we read an article related to everything we aim to stop happening.

The article was about a building on Merseyside being demolished. Because of lack of safety measures, with no guards in place to prevent an accident happening, an HSE inspector was called and the site closed immediately with a prohibition notice. The men were working close to an edge on the second floor throwing rubble to the ground, without a guardrail or harness this was putting people’s lives at risk.

That’s why we at Heightsafe believe in prevention, put your employees or contractors in a safe environment and make sure that they are protected against slips and falls which may result in a severe accident. The equipment is all available, harnesses, guardrails, fall protection equipment, yearly checks, and advice on the correct usage from Heightsafe. Every year we have our vehicles checked; tyres are checked throughout the year to stop us having accidents, seatbelts that protect us are checked on a yearly basis, so if we are thorough with our vehicles that are at ground level we should be even more so with our equipment that is used at heights.

We can help with the safety of your equipment, we can not only provide you with the suitable equipment but we can also give advice on the best way to use it plus with our annual or 6 month checks we can help prevent accidents happening.

Common sense should tell us that we should not allow workers to be working at a height without safety measures in place, but sometimes it is not that easy when trying to determine whether or not the height is at a’ safe height’ or not. Some companies put lives at risk every day by not assessing situations. If you are not sure whether you need guards or rails in place then contact us and we will visit your site.

We are a nationwide company that can help with your legal and moral requirements, so give us a call today on 0845 604 6890

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