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High Costs Of Health And Safety Failures

There are many health and safety risks in the workplace regardless of where you work. That’s why there are regulations put in place for health and safety. However, what many people don’t realise is that there are high costs involved whenever there is a health and safety failure.

Companies and businesses that do not conform to the required health and safety standards and laws not only risk law suits, but they also risk injuries and even death of employees as well as high financial costs.

The whole reason for health and safety regulations are to protect the employees from accidents or injuries while in the workplace. These regulations are designed to keep everyone on the premises from hurting themselves or being injured in any other way.

Fall protection, proper safety gear, and proper use of chemicals and other hazardous materials are just a few examples of health and safety requirements in many workplaces.
When you work at a height, if you don’t use the necessary gear and edge protection you risk injuring yourself in a fall, as well as inuring others who may be working below or passing by.

If you are need  of proper fall protection gear and other related health and safety equipment, here at Heightsafe we can help. We sell everything from horizontal lifelines to guardrail systems, and offer safety line retesting and eyebolt re-testing.

For more information about how we can help keep you safe while working at height, visit the homepage.

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