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Horizontal Lifelines That Won’t Let You Down

Whether you’re part of a larger international company or a small business, being responsible for the safety of your team on site is a huge responsibility. This is especially when times are hard, as some suppliers use current legislation as a smokescreen to talk site managers into buying more than they need. If you don’t choose the right retailer, height safety systems can be expensive.

We think the key is going to a good independent retailer who knows the field inside and out. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of height safety, whether you’re looking for harnesses, barriers or horizontal lifelines, you can count on us for a good price and the best product, guaranteed. Not only that, but because we work hard to keep our staff up to date with current legislation regarding sites that require work at height, we can always tell you exactly what you need, and exactly what you need to know.

Because height safety is all we offer, we like to do the job right. We deliver a high standard of work and a completely comprehensive service. Not only do we offer consultancy and height safety products, we also offer services such as cable system testing, safety line testing and a solid guarantee on our products. On site a bit of wear and tear is inevitable, but our solid guarantee even covers corrosion resistance, so you can be sure that whatever else happens, we won’t leave you hanging.

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