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HSE issue London Borough Schools with Working at Height Prohibition orders

Heightsafe Systems have recently carried out essential work for a London Borough Primary School, following a recent HSE visit and subsequent prohibition order being issued.  The prohibition order was issued after it came to light there were operatives working at a height without any protection.

We are aware that a number of these prohibition orders have been issued in and around your borough, and wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that similarly we can provide a solution for your working at height requirements.

It is law to provide anyone accessing roof space to be provided with some sort of fall protection, whether this be guardrail/edge protection or fall arrest safety line systems with subsequent appropriate access, i.e. ladder systems.  You may have existing systems in place, in which case we have teams of re-test Technicians around the UK, but in particular, in your area over the forthcoming months. With this in mind we are available to visit sites to suit you.

As I am sure you are aware, if the HSE were to visit sites with similar issues this could also result in prohibition orders or improvement notices being issued, not to mention the huge financial penalties that could be incurred, accident or injury to operatives working at height and subsequent increased insurances premiums.

As it is fast approaching summer time for schools, this is now an ideal time to undertake these installations and compulsory annual retesting.  All our work is accredited and certified so you are always able to prove you are working within the law at all times.

Do not fall short of complying with basic HSE regulations. Please feel free to call Heightsafe Systems today on 0845 604 6890, or use our website to request a quotation or site visit for installations.

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