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Ignore Roof Safety at Your Peril

If your employees are engaged in tasks that involve them working at height, it is vital you ensure they are not placed in any unnecessary danger.

Operating high up off the ground is a potentially perilous activity and many of the UK’s workplace injuries are suffered as a result of falls.

Of course, some of those involved in such incidents lose their lives, leaving mourning loved ones behind.

Recently, one individual was found guilty by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of breaching regulations concerning fall protection.

The prosecution came after workers had been spotted operating without roof safety measures in place.

Last year, the individuals were performing their duties on a roof approximately four metres off the ground. They were conducting refurbishing work at the time.

An HSE inspector saw the men and immediately requested that they come down. He also issued a prohibition notice requiring work to stop until scaffolding or edge protection had been put up.

Fines were issued in relation to the breach of regulations.

In order to ensure your business does not end up facing such sanctions, you should conduct a thorough check of your procedures and ensure you have all the necessary protection in place.

By being diligent now, you could save yourself considerable time and problems later on.

Although you might think accidents only happen to other firms, this is not the case. Putting your staff members in unnecessary danger is a disaster waiting to happen.

So, don’t get caught off guard. Make sure you are prepared.

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