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Instilling a Keen Sense of Height Safety

Of course, having the best possible guardrail systems and so on is vital if your personnel operate at height and these days there’s no shortage of superb solutions for you to choose from, meaning you should end up with products that tick all of your boxes.

However, these safety measures are not enough in themselves. It’s also crucial that your workers know how to control risks and this means they need suitable training. Unless they have received the right instructions and attended the relevant courses, people can struggle to manage danger when they are conducting their duties at height.

Not to be ignored

The issue of height safety is not one to be ignored. As the Health and Safety Executive notes, falls from height remain the most common cause of workplace fatality. In 2008-09 alone, there were 35 fatalities due to falls from height. In addition, there were 4,654 major injuries and a further 7,065 injuries that caused  the individuals involved to be off work for three days or more.

So, neglecting the relevant safety training is not an option.

How we can help

Here at HeightSafe Systems we’re fully aware of the significance of this issue and that’s why we provide a whole array of superb products and services, including safety line testing. In addition, we offer training and may have the perfect solutions for your organisation.

Working At Height

Our Working At Height course is intended to provide delegates with basic information relevant for anyone involved in or affected by work at height, including operatives, supervisors and managers. This knowledge is required to enable individuals to effectively comply with their duties under the Work at Height Regulations 2005, which includes the identification and reporting of unsafe activities.

The course runs for one day and we take between three and six delegates.

Harness Awareness

Another of our training programmes focuses on Harness Awareness and this aims to enable delegates to understand how and when to use a full body fall arrest harness. It is suitable for people who have little or no experience when it comes to this type of equipment and who need a basic understanding of how to use it together with associated fall arrest items.

This is a half day course and we take eight to ten delegates.

The full package

Of courses, if you’re looking for the safety systems themselves, it’s also worth taking a look around our website. We provide an array of solutions and may have exactly what you’re looking for.

Whether you need to invest in a new guardrail or anything else, we’re here to help.

Saving you money and hassle

Of course, taking advantage of training and equipment to boost height safety requires a little investment. However, in the long run, it could save you money and hassle. After all, if you neglect these issues, there is a greater risk that your personnel will be involved in accidents.

If incidents like this occur, you will have to cope with the human suffering caused and you may also find you are subject to long and costly legal proceedings. In addition, your organisation’s reputation may be tarnished.

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