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Keep Your Safety System Checks Up-to-date

It is not enough just to have the correct height safety equipment installed. HSE’s Work at Height Regulations 2005 lay out clear guidelines on how and when to inspect your equipment to ensure the safety of all employees. Let’s take a look at the basic principles.

Every place where employees may be working at height must be inspected every time that place is used. All equipment must also be inspected every time it is assembled or installed. If your equipment is permanently in place, or in place for a long period of time, then the regulations state that this must be inspected “as often as is necessary to ensure safety”, so that any problems can be rectified within good time.

“As often as is necessary” doesn’t really give a clear indication of how often to inspect your equipment, and although HSE’s guidelines recommend an annual check, the severe weather conditions of the last couple of years could bring about corrosion or deterioration more quickly and without you knowing. With HSE now doing spot checks on equipment, it is worth making sure you have regular inspections in place. For a small fee, Heightsafe Systems Ltd can provide a re-test and certification service on your fall arrest systems to ensure that you are complying with the legal requirements. And although making sure your equipment is re-certified within the correct time period, we will also contact you with plenty of time to rebook your next test so that you will not be caught short.

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