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Lack of care leads to heavy fines

In November 2014, a worker for GFT Frames in Bournemouth fell 3m whilst carrying out glazing works at a construction site. Both GFT Frames and the Principal Contractor on site were ordered to appear before Bournemouth Magistrates Court for failing to introduce safety measures to prevent such risks from occurring.

Darren Shepherd, aged 54 had a narrow escape, fracturing 2 ribs and breaking his thumb but the situation had the potential to be fatal.

The HSE investigation indicated to the court that GFT Frames had not organised adequate supervision, had sufficient plans in place and that they didn’t practice safe work at height whilst Parsons and Joyce, the principal contractor, were found guilty of failing to manage their construction site and enforce site inductions on anyone undertaking work there.

GFT Frames Ltd suffered a fine of £6000 and were ordered to pay £9953 in costs after they were found guilty of the claims brought against them. Parsons and Joyce were fined a huge £20,000 and forced to pay costs of £9953.

This is yet another example of bad management by companies with a responsibility to care and monitor the safety of the staff working for them or within their site.

Ensure that you are not putting your contractors or employees at risk. Consult with Heightsafe Systems for advise and best practice on working at height in any condition. Call +44 (0)20 3819 7199.

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