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Measures to Keep your Aerial Operatives Safe

If you have personnel working for you whose roles require them to operate at height, you will surely know that they need suitable equipment at hand to ensure they remain safe. However, whilst specialist apparatus is indeed vital for aerial workers, it is not a comprehensive safety solution all by itself.

To be sure, your operatives will also need to know how to control the risks they face and the only way to achieve that is by providing them with relevant and adequate training. Indeed, even the most experienced of aerials workers can struggle to carry out their duties safely if they have not received suitable instruction in effectively managing danger.

Fortunately, we here at Heightsafe can be of great assistance in this respect.

We are one of the UK’s leading height safety equipment and training providers and as such, we are able to provide a wide array of outstanding products which can help to keep aerial workers in all industries safe and well. In addition, we also deliver first rate height safety training courses that are relevant to all occupational sectors.

For example, our Working at Height course is designed to provide anyone involved in or affected by work at height (i.e. operatives, supervisors and managers) with a basic understanding of the main aspects of this potentially dangerous activity. This knowledge is required to enable individuals to comply with their duties under the Work at Height Regulations 2005, which includes the identification and reporting of unsafe activities. The course itself runs for one day and accepts no more than six attendants.

Harness Awareness is another of our training courses which could be of interest to you. This course is designed to provide attendants with an understanding of how and when to use a full body fall arrest harness and is suitable for people who have little or no experience of using this type of equipment. This course runs for half a day and accommodates a maximum of ten attendants.

Of course, suitable training and equipment for your aerial workers doesn’t come for free so your company may understandably be a little wary of spending money on these measures. However, it is worth noting that this kind of investment could end up saving your company considerable amounts of money in the long run. After all, turning a blind eye to such concerns will only increase the chances of your aerial workers having an accident. Of course, the repercussions of such an accident could be significant as they will undoubtedly involve long and costly legal proceedings if your company knowingly failed in its responsibilities to provide its workers with adequate training and equipment.

Quite simply, it is not in anyone’s interest to take a risk with the safety and well-being of your aerial operatives. Keeping them safe will indirectly help you to keep your company safe so why not do yourself a favour and take a few moments to browse our pages in detail.

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