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Meet Health and Safety Standards with Fall Protection

Height safety needs to be at the top of the agenda whenever you or your staff members have to work in such an environment. But, proper safety considerations aren’t only important for the health of your workforce – if you want to comply with all necessary health and safety regulations, fall protection should be a vital consideration.

The Work at Height regulations came into force in 2005, stipulating the measures that duty holders need to go to in order to ensure compliance and total safety for everyone involved. For example, working in this manner needs proper planning with all risks needing to be properly assessed and prepared for, and appropriate equipment needs to be selected and properly maintained to ensure safety at all times. Ultimately, any measures to lessen the risk of fall and/or injury always need to be employed, and it’s essential that you’ve got the products on-hand to meet your requirements.

In order to properly comply with these regulations, you need a supplier that can offer the guardrails, cable lines and anything else you could need, and that’s why you need to come to us. We understand the measures that are involved in health and safety regulations and we’ve got all the equipment necessary to ensure you comply with them, keeping everyone safe whilst enabling you to work within the law. Take a browse through our catalogue and we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for, giving you the peace of mind that you need to run your business effectively.

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