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Mobile Man Anchors – a Portable Solution to Work at Height Safety

If you’d like to find out more about our mobile man anchors and testing and inspection services, talk to our work at height team today by calling: 020 3819 7199.

When carrying out work at height on a roof, the HSE states that wherever a fall could occur the first line of defence is to provide adequate edge protection. This usually involves the installation of permanently fixed edge protection, such as guard rails or other physical barrier. However, if it’s not possible to install adequate edge protection, the HSE states that the use of other safety equipment is necessary to minimise the consequences of any potential injury to workers.

A fifth of fatalities occur when an individual falls through a skylight or fragile roof, with seven people killed each year on average. Only recently, a conservatory roof manufacturer and installer appeared in court following an incident in which an employee suffered serious injuries after falling through a skylight whilst conducting work at height, with no preventative measures in place.

When edge protection is absent, the use of appropriate height safety equipment such as Mobile Man Anchors provide a safe solution. When installed and used with adequate training they can eliminate falls from hight.

A mobile man anchor system is a portable anchorage device for use alongside Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and is designed to enable workers to move around easily and effectively during low frequency tasks whilst remaining safe at height.

These portable systems are widely used in a variety of locations and conditions due to the ability to move them easily. There is no need to structurally attach the system to a roofs surface, providing an easy, cost effective solution without compromise to safety. It does not compromise the roof’s waterproof covering.

Mobile man anchors can be installed and linked to fall arrest and restraint equipment to provide protection to workers whilst still allowing them to move around the roof. This configuration of equipment complies with HSG 33, which requires “demarcated” safe areas/routes to ensure operatives remain safe where edge protection is absent.

Like all height safety equipment, the mobile man anchor is fully approved to PPE standards and should be tested to EN795 (1997) by your work at height specialist partners.

Here at Heightsafe Systems, we can supply and install mobile man anchor systems, available in either 260KG or 340KG options. The mobile man anchor is fitted with six 20KG steel weights, covered in rubber with a heavy duty galvanised hook for attaching to safety ropes.

As with all height safety equipment, it is essential to work alongside a height safety specialist company to ensure your work at height equipment is compliant and safe for use. By not having your equipment tested and inspected, employees who work at height are being put at risk.

Things to look out for when using your mobile man anchor:

  • Any loose fittings/fixtures
  • Dents or distortion
  • Any signs of pulling on shock absorber
  • Corrosion/cracks
  • Missing/warn rubber boots

Upon installation, our specialist team can also provide a compliance certificate for your own records and any maintenance works can be carried out by our team before they retest.

Weighted down with a 20KG rubber and a 20KG steel weight, our mobile man anchors provide a safe, cost effective solution to work at height in a location where it’s not viable to fit a guardrail or edge protection.

If you’d like to find out more about our mobile man anchors and testing and inspection services, talk to our work at height team today by calling: 020 3819 7199.

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