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Tighter Regulations for Farm and Agriculture Buildings According to HSE

A new year ahead with tighter regulations and a focus on health & safety for farm and agricultural buildings.

2015 is bringing with it a number of changes in the world of health and safety, starting with tougher guidelines and sentencing for corporate manslaughter.  Not a subject we like to have at the forefront of our minds, but according to the HSE, 2013/14 saw 133 people killed at work, and 70 members of the public fatally injured in work related incidents.   From all of these incidents there have only been 8 corporate manslaughter convictions, but with higher consequences and fines.

One such area renowned for work related accidents, and a high ratio of Work at Height incidents, is the farming and agriculture industry, which unfortunately has to deal with a disproportionate number of incidents and death, with falls from height accounting for more than a quarter of all farm accidents.

Agricultural building maintenance, whilst essential, is one area that needs to be planned down to the last detail with specific Risk and Method statements in place, and a professional Work at Height specialist to carry out the work.  Without fail these type of jobs involve some sort of temporary access, ladders, scaffolds, or temporary working platforms.  Fragile roof surfaces and skylights are a massive area of concern.

Here at Heightsafe in 2014 we helped Whipsnade Zoo with one such project.  An operation was undertaken to move their precious White Rhinos to another area of the zoo, whilst our trained and expert operatives undertook a full replacement of its skylights, all done safely and from below the roof area, avoiding access to fragile areas.

A great result for the White Rhinos, who now have daylight, and a job safely carried out.  To discuss replacement skylights, annual inspections or skylight fall prevention, or our new innovative and modular rooftop walkway system, please contact us.

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