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Our Foray Into Gutter Maintenance

Not many people count gutter repair and maintenance as essential to the safety of their employees. We’re here to tell you that, in fact, gutter maintenance should always be kept on top of – especially if you have employees working at height.

At Heightsafe Systems we can offer you gutter repair, maintenance and more at affordable rates which will save you time and money through an annual contract. Our maintenance crew are trained to the very highest standards and they’ll be able to perform your gutter maintenance with keen efficiency.  Having a streamlined service – and effectively working under only the one contract – you won’t be buried under mountains of paperwork and are ensured of a service that exceeds national standards.

Gutter maintenance is especially important for your building as any obstructions or overflow could provide serious wear and tear to the surrounding area and cause height risks for employees who are regularly stationed on the roof. Our gutter maintenance scheme can also be combined with tests for other safety systems and the various fall arrest measures we offer, and our fully qualified two-man teams will spare no expense where height safety is concerned.

Effective gutter maintenance is in everybody’s interests and we are delighted to be able to offer this service as a standalone solution for your business or in tandem with other fall arrest safety measures. As well as your duty to your employees, you have a duty of care to keep the building you work at clean and well-maintained at all times. Don’t put the gutters to the back of your mind – invest in our gutter maintenance programme.

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