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Priority School Building Programme – A Real Positive for Education and A Real Boost for Construction

What is the Priority School Building Programme?

The Priority School Building Programme was introduced by the coalition government in 2011 as a much needed school refurbishment and rebuilding project to replace the ‘Building Schools for the Future’ scheme. It was confirmed that more than 250 schools would benefit from this additional funding by being refurbished or completely rebuilt.

The first school rebuilt under the scheme was opened in May 2014 after long delays. At the same time it was confirmed that the second phase of the scheme would be allocated a further £2 billion to concentrate on individual school buildings in the worst conditions. This meant an additional 277 schools would have at least one of their buildings rebuilt or refurbished.


What does this mean for the Construction Industry?

The Priority School Building Project is a major boost for the construction industry: businesses will welcome the additional funding and the knock-on effect will be the growth generation in the sector.

This will also bring fantastic opportunities along for both large and small companies in construction or related fields, from multi-million pound turnover main contractors to smaller family-owned subcontractors. With the construction industry on the up and recovering from the lows of the recession, these projects will further help to ensure order books remain filled throughout the summer months and beyond.


How can Heightsafe Systems help?

Heightsafe Systems fall into the afore-mentioned family-owned subcontractor category, and school projects account for a significant portion of the vast variety of sites on which our ‘Working at Height’ specialist roof access and fall protection products and services are used.

From caged access ladders complete with lockable security gates to deter adventurous youths, full collective freestanding guardrail systems to keep caretakers safe when retrieving wayward footballs to non-penetrative plant support and access walkway systems for maintenance of heating and ventilation equipment, Heightsafe Systems have cost effective, compliant solutions for any contractor or subcontractor fortunate enough to be bidding for these upcoming projects.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and see why Heightsafe Systems are quickly becoming the number one Working at Height specialist partner subcontractor in the UK.

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