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Reaching For The Skylight

As you may have heard in the news recently, Aston Villa FC were fined after a worker fell through a fragile skylight at their training ground and badly injured himself. The case underlines just how important securing your skylights are on your roof to ensure the safety of your workers and to comply with national guidelines.

Skylight fall protection depends on the kinds of skylight you have on your roof. For instance, you have a choice of skylight covers, skylight guards, skylight screens and more. At HeightSafe Systems we can advise you on what measures will be best implemented on your premises for your workers’ protection. Not having the proper skylight covers is a direct breach of current health and safety laws, and can cost you a huge fine if an accident occurs and you haven’t taken the time to offer your workers adequate protection.

The right skylight covers will be excellent fall protection for your business and will save you money in the long-term. Our team at HeightSafe Systems are all friendly and professional, and will sit with you to answer all of your questions on your initial consultation to ensure that you aren’t left in the dark during any stage of the project.

If you don’t feel a skylight cover would suit your operation, we can instead fix railings around the perimeter of the skylight to make people aware that a skylight is there, and that it’s sectioned off for a reason. This will offer them a different, more visual kind of protection whilst still meeting nation health and safety guidelines. Contact us at HeightSafe Systems today for more information.

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