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Risk Of Falls From Vehicles Should Not Be Ignored

If you work in the transport and haulage industry, you might well operate under considerable pressure. There is often an emphasis on ensuring items get from A to B within specified deadlines and meeting these is not always easy.

In such conditions, it is important to work as efficiently as possible. However, the wellbeing of those involved in the process should never be compromised as a result.

So, it is vital that correct fall arrest measures are implemented in order to reduce the risk of accidents occurring when drivers and other people engage in tasks that involve them being high off the ground.

Indeed, evidence suggests that the rate of injury caused by falls from vehicles is four times greater than the average for all personnel who operate at height. Meanwhile, the severity of the injuries suffered is nearly double that of all other injury claims.

Often, accidents take place when personnel are engaging in trailer maintenance.

If your organisation does not have adequate height safety provisions in place to reduce the likelihood of falls from vehicle cabs, trays, trailers and so on, now might be the time to invest in such items.

Meanwhile, it is also vital to protect those working at height in loading docks, work platforms and other such areas.

The good news is, it is now easier than ever before to get your hands on great safety products that you can rely on. Here at Heightsafe Systems, we stock a range of such provisions. To find out more, simply browse our website.

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