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Roof Safety: First Line of Defence

On-site health and safety can be considered a war of attrition, and whilst it may not be possible to complete eliminate hazard in the workplace, with the right weaponry in your arsenal you can greatly enhance an on-site safety strategy.

In particular, roof safety will be one of the fiercest battlegrounds, and therefore, in that context, your  “weaponry” needs to be extra special. This is why a horizontal lifelines should be your first line of defence when your working at heights.

One of the biggest challenges with roof safety is that their can often be a compromise between the mobility of the worker and the safety system; it doesn’t have to be like this however, and with a horizontal lifeline your worker is free to traverse the rooftop area, safe in the knowledge that they are protected from falls.

Similarly, on-site safeguards can often come at the expense of aesthetics, which can undermine the visual quality of a structure. Not so with a horizontal lifeline, which can be incorporated neatly into the aesthetic of a particular building as well as being sensitive to planning requirements, which can often undermine safety systems.

At Heightsafe Systems, we are committed to offering you all of the tools to wage war successfully against workplace hazards. For this we consider our horizontal lifelines to be especially adept, and a great way to bolster rooftop safety, subtly but extremely effectively.

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