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Roof Safety – Know Your Limits

We all like to think that we’re safe when we’re at work, but sometimes there are certain risks that simply can’t be avoided. This can certainly be said when it comes to working on roofs or other tall structures. In these cases you need to try and reduce those risks as much as possible, and when it comes to roof safety, it’s vital to know your limits.

Working in these conditions can be hazardous at the best of times, so it’s vital you work safely and within your ability. Becoming too cavalier about the whole thing can be a recipe for disaster and it’s important to never take unnecessary risks, and above all make sure that you know how to properly use any supporting equipment. Equipment like horizontal lifelines can literally save lives, and as long as you use them effectively and don’t push your limits, you can work at such heights safely and easily.

Here at Heightsafe Systems we know how important it is to know your limits when it comes to working in potentially hazardous conditions, but we also know that having access to the right equipment is vital. That’s why we’re proud to offer everything you could need for working at these heights as well as providing line testing and recertification for total peace of mind, letting you work within your limits whilst being confident that your associated equipment has got you covered. Come to us today, and you can be sure that you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

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