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Roofer Prosecuted For Endangering Workers’ Lives

A Cheshire-based roofer has appeared in court after being prosecuted for the HSE for not adhering to correct health and height safety guidelines when working with four employees on a farm in Cheshire.  The employees were reported to be balancing dangerously on a barn roof, approximately 4 metres above ground level, and proper fallarrest systems were not in place to ensure their safety.

The barn roof was being refurbished at the time in Feb 2009 and when visited by a HSE inspector, the roofer was found on site giving instructions to the four men, who were judged to be working without the correct health and safety measures in place.

At Heightsafe, we believe that worker and public safety is of paramount importance, which is why when working at height, we suggest a full health and safety assessment is required before the project begins.  We are specialists in re-testing safety equipment, and checking guardrail edge protection installations, along with a wide range of other construction industry safety systems and products. Eliminating risks when working at height is something we take very seriously and believe every employer should too.

With the dangers of injury to workers if guidelines are not followed and the further issue of possible prosecution if employers are found liable for the errors, it has never been more important to ensure the safety of those in and around construction sites. This is why our systems meet the highest safety standards and are fully compliant with all relevant health and safety legislation.

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