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Rooftop Walkway Systems

Often employers are curious about which rooftop walkway system they need for their particular job. In many cases, they aren’t even certain whether to use metal, plastic or wood walkways.

The downfall of using wooden walkways is that, of course, over time the weather will cause the boards to rot and weaken. A wooden walkway should be checked regularly for damage and replaced annually to prevent accidents from weakened boards.

Though metal walkways are heavy-duty and durable, they are challenging to install on a rooftop surface because of their weight. They can cause damage to the roof’s surface. If using a metal walkway, be sure the material is corrosion resistant and meets current safety standards.

An excellent alternative to both the wooden and metal walkway is plastic. These days plastic products can withstand a great amount of wear and tear, plus they’re lightweight and easy to install. They can be used with Top-Fix Guardrail products in case you require that extra measure of safety for your workers.

Heightsafe Systems Walkway products are made from recycled PVC-U, and are available in popular lengths and widths. You can also order a custom walkway built to your company’s specifications. All our products at Heightsafe Systems comply with current safety legislation.

Having the right rooftop walkway protects your workers whilst shielding the roof’s surface from damage. Damage to a rooftop can cost thousands of dollars, making a rooftop walkway a great investment for your company.

Check out our line of Rooftop Walkway products or call us today for a free estimate. Keeping your employees safe is our business.

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