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Safer Skylights

Skylights were originally introduced into buildings before artificial lighting was invented so as to provide light and ventilation. They initially suffered problems with leaks, but there have been numerous developments over the years so that they are now fitted into the roofs of many houses, flats and commercial buildings without any such problems.

Although they are a popular choice, skylights can pose problems when your building is undergoing roof maintenance. There are two main types of skylights – domed and flat. The flat kind are easily concealed by dirt, snow, or leaves, particularly in commercial or industrial buildings where these windows are not used or inspected regularly. Skylight windows are usually made from acrylic or fibreglass, which can be weakened by the sun and other weather elements. Newer designs have much improved in their durability, but accidents can still happen. For this reason, the law is changing to ensure that all skylights be protected by a guardrail or screen to prevent people from falling through by accident.

Guardrail systems from Heightsafe Systems Ltd are quick and easy to install and also benefit from a fantastic 20-year guarantee, so confident are we in our quality products. As any kind of height safety system is fixed outside, it is important to protect it from the elements so that it will last for as long as possible. This is why Heightsafe Systems Ltd use stainless steel fixings (which are anti-corrosive) with sealed plastic caps on all ends to add further protection.

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