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Safety Line Testing: Bearing the Load

For employees working at height, often the only thing separating them and a potentially fatal accident is the integrity of the safety line. Therefore, there is a direct corroboration between the effectiveness of your safety line and employee health.

This should be enough to prove the importance of safety line testing. However, alongside the practical implications of an un-safe safety line, if it is proven either to be deficient or not adequately tested upon inspection by the HSE, you will face serious consequences.

At Heightsafe we take the hassle out of testing the safety line. As well as everything you’d expect from a a thorough testing solution, we also try and go that little bit further; aware that any extra safety in a working at height environment can be significant.

Therefore, we will ensure that we inspect, pull test, tag, repair and recertify your  safety line systems, which will include testing all its components, such as eyebolt testing and testing of your horizontal lifeline, in line with guidelines BS EN 8437 and BS EN795.

After we have finished your inspection, and provided that you have been successful, we will issue your system with a certificate and detailed report confirming the suitability of your system.

Unlike some other companies, we will also check all pins, circlips and fixings and provide photographic evidence of Safety Lifeline Cable Test. This way you can have the additional peace of mind in knowing that all your equipment has been tested (and proven to be tested) prior to being commissioned.

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