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Sourcing the Very Best Fall Arrest and Fall Protection Systems

No matter if you are a professional who works at height for a living or a company owner who employs aerial workers; everyone has the same concerns when it comes to dealing with the effects of gravity. Naturally, nobody can defy the forces of gravity. However, the effective use of suitable fall protection equipment can at least help those who work at height to mitigate its effects.

Current Health & Safety legislation dictates that a fall arrest system should be used when workers need to carry out tasks at heights of two metres or more. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that professionals and responsible employers have effective work equipment in place that will prevent falls rather than rely on measures that may only mitigate the distance and consequences of a fall or provide basic personal protection.

Here at Heightsafe, we have a vast selection of height safety PPE products and fall protection devices to suit all industrial and commercial applications. Of course, all of the harnesses, shock absorbing lanyards, self-retracting lifelines and other associated products we offer are of the very highest standards and adhere to all current legislations.

We take great pride in delivering consistent and methodical fall risk solutions and that is why we believe our extensive experience and expertise in fall arrest systems and height safety training, coupled with our knowledge of the latest health and safety regulations makes us the ideal choice for addressing all your height safety needs.

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