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Stick or Twist…?

Do you take a gamble when choosing a contractor to test your lightning protection system? A lot of companies do.


During difficult financial times it is very tempting to choose the cheaper option but when you choose the cheaper option what risks are you taking?

  • Are the company appropriately qualified, trained, accredited?
  • Is the job carried out to a high standard?
  • Can you trust that you are getting value for money?
  • Will they offer you a good level of service with a transparent after care?

Maybe, maybe not?!?!?!

Let me set the scene for you…

12 months ago Heightsafe Systems submitted a cost to test the lightning protection systems for a large nationwide care organisation. We were unsuccessful on this tender. The client was happy to give us some feedback on this – price! It all boiled down to price. In the client’s words…the low cost submitted by another lightning protection contractor was so ‘suicidally’ low that they couldn’t say no.


But that wasn’t the end for Heightsafe.

The successful lightning protection contractor was failing systems left, right and centre and the quotations to make the necessary repairs were astronomical! The client smelt something fishy and sent the reports to Heightsafe for a second opinion.

You guessed it…

In some cases Heightsafe were 50% cheaper and as such, we have been awarded these repair jobs.


So when placing your next lightning protection order please take this into consideration…

A cheap retest cost may lead to inflated repair costs. They have to make their money back somewhere don’t they? More often than not when taking into account all costs, Heightsafe in the end come out as the much better deal for both value and service.

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