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Strong Walkways To Counteract Strong Winds

The UK weather is known worldwide for its unpredictability. Though the nation’s susceptibility to rain showers is well documented, the wind is also something of a nuisance – especially for businesses who conduct their trade at height.

Walkways are an effective and affordable fall arrest solution, but they won’t be of any use to you if they’re flimsy and collapse during poor weather conditions. What you need are walkways that are both solid, durable and stand up against the weather, yet are also lightweight and easy to install.

Our walkways are some of the best currently on the market because they are constructed from recycled PVC-U which is impervious against any weather conditions. They are lightweight, easy to install and transport and affordable, but their most beneficial feature is that they are extremely resistant against strong winds.

Imagine you have an employee who makes regular use of your existing walkway system and he has an accident during a particularly windy day because you haven’t been maintaining your walkway on a regular basis. Not only will they be injured, it’ll be directly your fault as you used a below-par product. Our walkways have a high-grip, slip-resistant surface which will assist balance and improve overall stability.

Our walkways will also stand the test of time as they are self draining and are resistant to bacteria growth – you’ll have no doubt have noticed mould on other railings and walkways on your travels. Our walkways are also compatible with our top-fix guardrail systems, and are a brilliant long-term investment, especially for those companies who spend a lot of their time on the roof.

Our walkways are an excellent long-term investment. Contact us today for more information.

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