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The Best In Fall Arrest

Employers seem to be cottoning on to the fact that they, at some point or another in their business, will need effective fall arrest solutions for the benefit of their employees. The law is much tighter than it was over a decade ago, and appropriate fall arrest measures are strictly underlined in our national health and safety guidelines.

But there are all sorts of fall arrest equipment you can utilise in your business – it’s up to you to find the right solution for the right problems. If your staff constantly have to make use of walkways for instance, there is a danger they may slip and fall over the edge. Guardrails of all shapes and sizes can help in constructing a barrier that is sturdy, safe and will withstand all weather conditions.

Ladder systems, appropriately positioned, will grant safe and secure access to roofs and other areas of height on your building, whilst for those who need access to the side of the building and need to be in a state of suspension, safety harnesses and horizontal lines will take heavy weights and offer compete protection for your employees.

But for those with fall arrest measures already implemented, regular maintenance and checks are crucial to ensure that no accidents occur and that the equipment will always perform in an optimal fashion.

As well as our huge variety of fall arrest equipment here at HeightSafe Systems, we can also offer safety line retesting, gutter maintenance and more maintenance options for you as an employer, your staff and your business. Contact us today for more information about the fall arrest we have available.

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