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Curved Guardrails – Perfect for commercial property

A guardrail is an excellent fall protection solution. When the correct one is installed, it is the perfect railing system to ensure that employees working at height don’t accidentally fall off the edges of buildings or other ledges. What you may not have realised, though, is that there is many a guardrail to choose from. So how do you know which guardrail is suitable for your business?

If you’re a commercial business, we recommend you choose a curved guardrail. The curved guardrail is a lot more pleasing to the eye than a standard guardrail, but the curve is there for more than simple aesthetics.

The sixty-degree curve on the guardrail curves inward, keeping personnel further away from the edge than a standard guardrail. Not only this, but if the curved guardrail is situated on the roof of your commercial business, then the curve guarantees that it will be invisible from street level.

The curved guardrail conforms to British regulation standards and is easy to install without damaging the roof or surrounding area of installation. At Heightsafe Systems we have a range of guardrails for you to choose from, including the standard guardrail, curved guardrail, collapsible guardrail, parapet guardrail and topfix guardrail. We can help you to choose and decide upon which guardrail fall protection system will be suitable for your needs, and can supply a range of other services including roof ladders and eyebolts.

Your business cannot afford to take any unnecessary risks, both financially and when worker safety is concerned. Contact us to today to see some of the fall protection services we can offer you.

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