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The Importance of Height Safety Training

The Importance of Height Safety Training

Falls from height are responsible for many serious and fatal injuries every year. Indeed, it is estimated that even a fall from a height of just two metres can be enough to result in serious injury.

What is working at height?

Most people associate working at height with professions that are synonymous with ladders and platforms such as window cleaning or construction. However, there are also many other activities where people are required to work at height such as working on and around of rooftops and structures, as well as hanging over tanks and pits. Indeed, even changing a light bulb in an office now constitutes working at height.

Employer obligations All employers have to meet statutory and common-law obligations that relate to the Health and Safety of their employees and premises. The consequences of not adhering to these obligations can not only result in employees sustaining serious or fatal injuries, but also lead to significant legal and financial punishments being levied against companies that are found to be negligible. For this reason, it is essential that companies who employ workers to carry out tasks at height provide adequate and relevant height safety training.

Here at FallArrest, we provide comprehensive and bespoke working at height training courses that can help aerial workers from all industries to carry out their tasks in a more diligent and risk-free manner. Explore our pages further to find out how our work at height training courses could benefit your company.

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