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The Importance of Horizontal Lifelines

You may think that a standard height-related job means you don’t need any safety equipment. You may even think that there’s no risk involved in a job because you have had enough experience to be careful not to fall. But don’t fool yourself. Accidents happen every day, even to those with a lot of experience.

The importance of horizontal lifelines is great, especially for those working at heights like roofs, the sides of buildings, and high walls. They should be considered the first choice when you are doing jobs on rooftops as they can and do prevent many falls.

Here at Heightsafe we provide individuals and companies with the best in horizontal lifelines, height safety and roof safety equipment available in the country. We’re so confident that our products are the best that we’ll even price match anyone you find who offers the same systems for cheaper.

We design custom systems specific to the work site you have in mind. Our systems all undergo quality control checks and meet all health and safety requirements by law.

Let us help you make your work site safer by installing horizontal lifelines and/or fall arrest or guardrail systems to protect you and your workers from accident or injury while on the job.

There is nothing more precious than life, and that’s why we take safety so seriously. Safety above all else is our motto. Visit the homepage or get in touch today to find out more about our products and safety systems.

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