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The Last Word in Fall Arrest Equipment

When your site requires a degree of working at height, whether on a permanent basis or as part of a mobile service, there is a lot to consider when it comes to purchasing or replacing your fall arrest equipment. We know it’s important, but these days it can be difficult to navigate the complex legal language of all that ever-changing safety legislation, particularly when it comes to translating all of that into the nuts and bolts of deciding which equipment you need. Choosing a retailer who will offer a full consultancy service and help you decide what height safety equipment you’re going to need and where is the best way to be certain you get it right. Even better if that retailer is also up to date with current legislation and can make sure that your site and its fall arrest system stays in line at all times.

Come to us not only for guardrails edge protection installations, but also for unvaluable expertise, testing and maintenance, and top notch customer service. We can help you stay on top of changing safety legislation, keep your people safe on site, and save a little money in the process. Not to mention that when you choose to buy from us you’ll get a comprehensive guarantee.

We’ve worked hard to build a name in this industry, and are proud to say that, on site and off, Heightsafe really is the last word in fall arrest equipment.

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