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The Right Guardrail Fall Protection

Are you going to be working on a job that requires being at heights? You will definitely want to ensure that you have the right guardrail fall protection as well as any other height safety gear that you may need.

If you aren’t sure where to find the gear or equipment you need, make sure to ask your supervisor. If he or she is not sure what you need or is unaware of any equipment that can be used, make sure that you find out what the laws and regulations are concerning your specific job.

Never do a job that puts your health or safety at risk if you cannot first obtain the necessary equipment to do the job safely. It is far better to turn down a job than to risk your own health—or even your life.

Safety inspections can be undergone to ensure that proper gear and equipment is used including guardrail fall protection, other guardrail systems, and height safety equipment. Ask your supervisor when the last inspection took place, or when the next one will be.

Here at Heightsafe Systems we offer all the necessary safety equipment you need for working at heights including guardrail systems, horizontal lines, gutter maintenance, ladder systems, safety line arrest, and eyebolt re-testing.

If you can’t find what you need on the main web page, get in touch and we’ll assist you in finding what you need for the job. Remember, never risk your health and safety for a job. Always use the right equipment, guardrail, or anything else you need. It’s worth it!

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