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The Right Training to Match Varied Work at Height Environments

Think you know height safety training? Think again! The world of working at height isn’t just about fall arrest harnesses and guardrails. It’s about being mentally prepared and knowledgeable enough to create a safe working environment for yourself and those around you.

Breathing Apparatus Wearer
How would you cope in an environment where height isn’t the only danger? Our BA3 courses are designed to help students become acclimatised to using breathing apparatus in industrial settings. The two-day classroom-based course covers everything from the mental preparation involved to current and proposed UK legislation. Part of the course is dedicated to using emergency breathing apparatus in escape situations. We always make a point of clarifying that this is not a fire fighting course. The course is assessed on both written and practical exams.

Confined Space Entry
It’s all well and good preparing for life at height on a scaffold, but could you put the same height safety training skills into practice going down into something like a dark, cramped service shaft? This course is designed to give people like risk assessors and rescue teams the skills and knowledge to safely enter confined spaces. The course covers things like the Confined Space Act (1997) and the various lifesaving risk assessment templates that should be implemented on all occasions when going into confined spaces. The final exam consists of a practical assessment where students must navigate a confined space safely whilst showing their knowledge of health and safety regulations and operation of equipment in the area. We also offer related courses.

Space Entrant and Topman, and Confined Vessel Entry
Accidents in a workplace are pretty common and sometimes unavoidable, but working at height presents a unique chance for us to control risk via the right health and safety protocols and equipment choices. A key point made by the HSE is that many workers find it tough to differentiate between what sort of work requires a fall arrest harness and what requires merely something like a secured ladder.

Harness Awareness
This course is designed to help novice workers and those loosely related to working at height to make the distinction between what kinds of equipment they should be using, if any. For example, do you know how to fit a fall arrest harness? Can you spot potential hazards in the area of work? Can you recognise the ramifications of improper health and safety considerations? Although we offer some very difficult and intense height safety courses, we never forget that a working basic knowledge of fall arrest equipment and the Work at Height Regulations 2005 could mean the difference between you or one of your team completing a successful day’s work or becoming one of the HSE’s falls from height statistics.

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