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Thorough Eyebolt Retesting Is Crucial

Eyebolts may look small and unimportant, but their job is crucial when providing fall arrest to those working at height. They are a vital cog your safety machine, and like all cogs they need to be regularly oiled and well-maintained.

As eyebolts are typically situated on the exterior of a building, they are prone to heavy weathering. Over time, if you don’t keep an eye on them, they will become loose, rust over or possibly fall out. The consequences of a clinical eyebolt failing when one of your staff members is working at height don’t bear thinking about – and any accidents will be directly your fault for not keeping on top of maintenance.

We can help at HeightSafe Systems with our eyebolt testing service. On an annual basis, we will remove, examine, retag and refit your eyebolts through our certified instructors. We will then use our top-of-the-range equipment to test a range of loads and weights to ensure your eyebolts are at their optimum safety levels and each eyebolt will get its own ‘ID’, stating how safe it is and its next due date for retesting. We will then give a comprehensive safety breakdown via our test certificate.

Well-supported and secure eyebolts are essential for those who work at height. The people we will send to evaluate the condition of your fall arrest eyebolts are not only qualified and certified, but also friendly and personable, answering any questions you may have. For more information about eyebolts and other fall arrest solutions, contact us today at HeightSafe Systems.

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