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Tips For Working At Height

If you’re starting a new job that involves working at height, there are a lot of factors for you to consider as far as health and safety is concerned. Here are some tips to help you stay safe at all times when you are working at height.

First, make sure that you follow all safety procedures set about by your supervisor. You should also be familiar with any guidelines and regulations that you may find in your work training manual, and ensure that you have received all the proper training you need to safely carry out your individual job.

Next, never carry out a task that you haven’t been trained for. Even if you have watched someone else do the job, if you have not been properly trained yourself you could still be putting yourself at great risk.

Finally, make sure that you always use the fall protection and other safety equipment provided for you for your job working at heights. A guardrail or other fall protection system should be in place at all time when you are working at heights, such as on a roof or a wall.

If you do not feel you have been provided with the right equipment and guardrails, make sure that you speak to your supervisor about the situation before you carry out the job. Safety should always be your highest priority.

To find out more about fall protection systems visit the Heightsafe homepage. We have everything you need to stay safe while working at heights.

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