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Using Guardrail Systems For Height Safety at Work

When working at heights, such as doing roofing jobs or repair jobs involving scaffolding, you need some kind of a guardrail or other fall protection system in place to keep you safe. Here at Heightsafe we sell all the height safety equipment you need.

We have a range of guardrail systems and guardrail fall protection to suit all kinds of height-related work.

Some of the benefits of having our guardrail systems installed include: speed and ease of installation over competitors’ systems, a lighter guardrail system made of 2mm galvanised steel, weighed every 5m instead of every 2m to offer less load on the roof, and our system comes with a 20 year guarantee including all fixings in stainless steel with sealed plastic caps on all ends.

At Heightsafe, we are leading suppliers of both personal and collective height safety systems, and won’t be beaten on our prices. If you find the same system or equipment elsewhere at a better price, let us know!

For more information about our guardrail systems, visit the homepage and download some of the specifications sheets which will give you an overview of the system, information about the parapet, topfix, and support systems.

You can also get in touch with us by clicking the “Contact Us” tab and filling in the online form, or you can ring us on: 0845 604 689o.

Let us help you make your place of work the safest it can be. We believe in “safety above all else.”

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