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Using Lifelines For Height Safety

Horizontal lifelines are the ideal way to protect yourself from falling when you are working at heights. Any time you are on a job that requires you to work on a roof, scaffolding, a wall, or another place that is high off the ground you should use a horizontal lifeline.

At Heightsafe Systems we offer all the safety equipment you need including lifelines that versatile for all different kinds of jobs. They can be used horizontally, vertically, and even around corners.

Our horizontal lifelines are easy to use, and will complement most building designs. No matter what the job, there is a lifeline here for you to use to protect yourself from falling when working at heights.

We also offer services including cable system testing and safety line testing to ensure that all the safety equipment and gear you are currently using is up to par and meets all regulations.

There’s no excuse for not using a lifeline when you are working at heights. It’s for your own safety as well as the safety of others. You can prevent accidents, injuries, and even deaths when you use the proper safety equipment.

If you have not received proper safety training for your job, or if you are not sure how to use or where to find the safety equipment you will need for your job, be sure to talk to your boss about it before starting any work.

For more information about working at heights, read through some of our other blog posts, or visit the main website.

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