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Versatile And Adaptable Guardrail Systems

Working at heights introduces a wide range of complicating factors when it comes to safety. As experts in the fields of personal and collective safety solutions, Heightsafe Systems has some of the best industry options when it comes to guardrail fall protection. With high winds making work on such high platforms very difficult, there is always the possibility that even the most routine jobs can turn into a disaster. This is a needless risk to take, particularly when there are cost-effective, modular solutions on the market that can adapt to a wide variety of different roof types. This adaptability really allows you to specifically budget for the safety requirements of individual buildings, providing reliable collective protection to your operatives. We have invested a lot of research to create this adaptable system which is not only as affordable as other options on the market, but is also faster to install. With such a system, you could have jobs completed much quicker, meeting and beating the targets imposed on you. The system is also safer to install as well, since it is made of 2 millimeter thick galvanised steel which is lighter than many of our competitor’s options. The modular design further facilitates the easy of install since it proves to be easier to work with when fitting, so easy in fact that general labour can be used instead of specialist installers. We also make use of better weighting solutions for the guardrail, since it is weighted every 5 metres, rather than every two which has has a tendency to increase the overall weight and strain on the roof. This makes our solution more practical for weaker roofs, thus increasing again the number of sites that we can be deployed at.

Our guardrail systems have been designed on the back of the current demands of the industry. One of the biggest demands is for a system that can be reliably left in place, which is where our system typically trumps all others. The alternative is very expensive – to invest in a temporary solution that requires you to erect scaffolding along the building, then have the entire structure dismantled according to health and safety protocols. This is all unnecessary since our solution can be left in place and you will still be in compliance with health and safety requirements while also providing lasting protection for anyone who has to subsequently work on that roof. Our system therefore comes in at a cheaper price when considering the overall job and manpower required. You will also reduce the problematic issue of having contractors on site and having them covered, since you will be able to make use of your own roofers to install. By simply following our guidance you will have a fully compliant solution that you can then trust to always be there in the future. Alternatively, you can easily dismantle the system and transfer it to the next site, and because of its adaptable nature, you can set it up there with the minimum of fuss.

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