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Weather Conditions Damage Anchorage Systems

Here in the UK, we have recently witnessed the worst weather conditions on record since the infamous winter between 1962 and 1963. Therefore, roof top anchorage, safety lines and edge protection systems may be damaged due to an unusual heavy weight of snow which recently swept the nation. The icy conditions have also not helped, as they have ultimately caused some anchorage points to deploy due to the load on anchorage systems increasing to 3KN.

However, it is vital an organisation quickly identifies and remedies a problem, as not all damage suffered on an anchorage point is visible. Therefore, a company should make sure they check their fall arrest systems, such as horizontal and vertical lines, edge protection rail guards, anchors and eyebolts.

A company should ensure that any visible problems are inspected by a specialist contractor, so the problem can be appropriately identified and fixed. A company should therefore ensure the person is properly trained and has experience in visual checks.

If an area has recently experienced a large amount of snowfall then it is necessary that a company reorganises an examination of a system immediately. The examination should also be tested in accordance with BS 7883:2005.

After the examination tests, a company should ensure their anchorage systems are re-examined during poor weather periods.

Heightsafe Systems are a leading provider of roof safety, height protection and guardrail fall protection. We can provide a range of roof safety systems which can stop deployment of an anchorage system, which can ultimately protect both the user and the roof.

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