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When Experience Really Counts

When it comes to height safety, one of the most important considerations is a risk assessment. Knowing the area and whether you even need to work from a height in the first place can all save you time and money as well as proving to be much safer. If after these considerations the work must be carried out from a height, then you can start thinking about what sort of safety systems will be required to keep your employees protected and ensure that they do an efficient job.

At Heightsafe Systems we are experts in our field, providing a wide range of different safety devices that will increase your employees’ confidence, even when stepping into arduous conditions. Of course, as part of your risk assessment you must always take into account the environment and weather, since while our systems are meant to protect at all times, it is always best to err on the side of caution. Observing the design tolerances of the equipment before use will similarly prepare you and the operative for the job ahead and its viability. It is always important to remember to check all equipment thoroughly before use.

In some circumstances it may not always be necessary to also consider personal fall equipment if you are providing collective height equipment such as scaffolding or cherry pickers. However, not every zone is able to support the use of such devices due to constraints like space and access, and in these instances personal options will prove to be the best choice. Again, it is always best to ensure that best safety practices are observed and that personal protection is provided ahead of height restrictive equipment where necessary. Each of our products will meet the industry standards required, such as BS EN 361 for full body harnesses, ensuring that as long as you have properly surveyed the area and checked the equipment, that it will be there when you need it most.

Experience really talks in our industry, from creating the best fall arrest systems around, to deploying them safely and effectively. Part of this knowledge informs us that we should provide the best customer support services as well so you are always in the know at the most pivotal times. If you find that you have a particular problem that needs modifications to existing equipment, we can accommodate you. Bespoke systems can help you to adapt to the environment in order to make a job as safe and as efficient as possible. By working with our CAD software team we can go about drawing up 3d designs for unique systems that meet your exact requirements. Before going into any area, you must be absolutely certain that the equipment you have is right for the job, whether that means getting bespoke components or ensuring that compatible components are available on site. It only takes one oversight to cause a catastrophic incident, and as such only those who are fully trained and qualified should be using this equipment.

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