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When to Use a Mobile Man Anchor

Choosing the right work at height solution for your project is critical to the safety of your employees. Those who work at height know how important their fall arrest equipment is. It can literally save a life. In certain situations, a raised work surface may not be suitable for guardrails though.

This is when a Mobile Man Anchor could be the answer to your problem. This type of fall arrest system is designed for short-term usage where guardrails can not be utilised. Perhaps you need workers on a small rooftop working on telecommunications equipment. There are many instances where guardrails and other fall arrest equipment will not work.

In these situations, a Mobile Man Anchor is the answer. This type of system is easy to assemble. It’s also compact and portable, and it’s practically invisible.

How Does a Mobile Man Anchor Work?

Anchor weights are supplied with suction cup rubber boots. These will protect the roof’s surface and increase friction resistance. This helps the Anchor to stay put in all weather conditions, even when it’s raining.

Be sure to utilise this unit with a shock absorbing rope grab device, as well as a fixed length lanyard. This will ensure that the worker can’t reach the roof’s leading edge. This fall protection system will provide the labourer with hands-free protection, so that he can get the job done safely.

Tips for Safety

  • Check all equipment regularly for wear and tear.
  • Hold monthly training sessions for workers.
  • Close supervision of the workers is a must! A good supervisor stays on top of the project and the workers.

At Height Safe Systems, we use only quality parts and equipment. Our equipment is tested to latest HSE Safety requirements. You can trust our equipment to deliver.

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