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Why fall protection is your number one priority

Construction companies who work at height have to comply with British safety standards to safeguard their workers’ security. When supplying fall protection for companies, there are a wide range of fall protection solutions available from us here at Heightsafe Systems.

A fall arrest solution – i.e. a hard hat or safety jacket – cannot be viewed as a proper preventative measure. The problems need to be solved before they occur, which is where fall protection comes into play. Fall protection takes many forms, horizontal lifeline cable systems, ladder systems, guardrail systems, walkways and mobile man anchors – all provided by Heightsafe Systems.

When using Heightsafe Systems to provide and install your fall protection systems, we can offer an unrivalled form of service for your business. We will use our design service package to get a grasp of your system layout and how much it is expected to cost. We will then provide detailed drawings of where your fall protection systems will be placed in an AutoCAD 2009 format.

Our highly-trained team will then arrive on-site and carry out the installation to regulation Health & Safety legislation and industry standards. Once your fall protection system is up and running, we will then offer to train up all employees who will use the system should you require, to ensure they are familiar with its layout and how to use it properly.

We’re committed to safety here at Heightsafe Systems, and are confident that you’ll find no other company as dedicated as us to fall protection solutions.

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