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Working At Height in the Workplace

In some industries such as construction and engineering, the risk of falling when working at heights is considerable and accounts for a large number of workplace accidents every year. As a result, the Work At Height Regulations (2005) have been developed to help try and prevent these injuries (and fatalities) from occurring. These regulations are aimed at anyone involved with working at heights, but are primarily concerned with industry professionals who control the work of others, such as facilities managers and site managers.

Before beginning any venture which may include working at heights, it is an employer’s responsibility to see whether any of the tasks involved could be performed without needing to working at height at all. Consequently, an employer must ensure that any work which does have be carried out at height must be properly planned, fully supervised and carried out only by competent personnel. Employers must also ensure that their personnel have been given all the detailed instruction and training needed to safely perform the tasks required.

Here at Heightsafe, we can offer a full range of fall protection systems to help eliminate the risks involved when working at heights. Our safety systems conform to the very highest standards and adhere entirely with all relevant safety legislation. Our man anchor systems and horizontal lifeline systems help to ensure individual personal protection, while our integrated roof top safety solutions which include guardrails, ladders, gates, access platforms and walkways provide safe working conditions for all.

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