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What are the underlying causes of fatalities in the construction industry. These have been identified as a wide range of issues that urgently need addressing to eliminate construction fatalities, promoting a positive safety culture within your organisation, the development of competence, and the provision of solutions such as guardrail, horizontal or vertical safety lines, skylight protection and roof walkways.

Construction has the largest number of fatalities and serious injuries, compared to other industry sectors. HSE data for 2008/09 shows that almost 31% of all fatal injuries occurred in the construction industry.

Qualifications and Compliance are essential for those working in the construction sector, who have responsibility for the safety of their employees and contractors.

Working at Height accidents are entirely foreseeable and preventable.  Heightsafe Systems are fall protection experts who provide sustainable and workable solutions.  We provide consultancy and transfer our best practice knowledge with regards to the job at hand and the ways and means of achieving the outcome safely.  The main aim of engaging Heightsafe Systems is to analyse the threat resulting in a detailed risk assessment to avoid any situation which might lead to possible loss of life, serious injury or maybe even initiation of legal action.

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