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Abseiling Anchors & Equipment

Abseiling Anchors & Equipment
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Abseiling Anchors & Equipment?

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At Heightsafe Systems, we install abseiling anchors in accordance with the recommendations set out in BS Code of Practice 7985:2002 conforming to BS EN795.

Fall arrest anchors are installed generally at roof level and must only be fixed into a suitable load bearing element of the building. Our initial survey will identify where the best location would be for the anchor points, and the areas generally exclude abseil eyebolts are brickwork parapets, infill panels and areas below windows or within 280mm of an edge in brickwork or 150mm in concrete.

All our fall arrest anchor installations are undertaken by at least two trained technicians and your eyebolts will be clearly tagged to identify the date of the next inspection. Fall arrest anchor points are required by law to be retested every 6 months, to 6Kn, so don’t get them mixed up with standard window cleaning, maintenance eyebolts which are every 12 months.

Abseiling Anchors

Our unique software will help eliminate the issue of fall arrest anchor points becoming out of date and therefore decommissioned, as auto reminders are in place to alert you in plenty of time, as to when we are next due to visit and recertify.

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Combined Abseil System – Mushroom Post

Abseiling Mushroom Post

The stainless steel Combined Abseil System, also commonly known as a ‘Mushroom Post’ is designed to fixed to various surfaces and materials and can be used internally and externally.

Material – All Grade 304 Stainless Steel
Finish – Mill Finish Stainless Steel / Electro Polished / Powder Coated

Benefits of our Combined Abseil System:

  • Tested to EN795-1996 Class A anchor point.
  • Mushroom shaped anchor point with a minimum of four attachment point.
  • Additional D Ring can be fitted to the side of the post to provide additional anchor points.
  • Combined Abseil System or Mushroom Post is a structural anchor that can be used for:
    • Restraint systems
    • Work positioning systems
    • Rope access systems
    • Fall arrest systems

The Combined Abseil System allows for double protection, when used for rope access.

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