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UPVC Walkways and Access Systems

Provide a safe route over fragile roof spaces for personnel completing maintenance tasks at height with Heightsafe’s UPVC Walkway.

HeightSafe Systems’ uPVC walkway can be used as a collective measure on all major roof types, when installed in conjunction with other work at height safety and access equipment such as handrails and guardrails.

UPVC StrideSafe® walkway system creates safe access for general cleaning and maintenance purposes when work at height cannot be avoided. It can be used alongside a cable or track system to provide restraint or fall arrest.

The StrideSafe® system complies with BS 7976, HSE Work at Height Regulations 2005 and has BBA certification.

Manufactured from a strong, maintenance-free material that has a non-slip tread, StrideSafe® helps to clearly define a demarcation route, whilst avoiding hazardous areas.

  • Why do I need a walkway?
    • Provides collective protection for anyone working or accessing the roof
    • Prevents a person falling through a fragile roof surface
    • Avoids someone accidentally stepping on a roof light
    • Creates a defined route and guides workers away from hazards
    • Protects the integrity of the roof – foot traffic can create tiny cracks in the covering
    • Easy and safe access up a roof slope or across a pitched roof.
  • Why StrideSafe® Walkway?
    • Creates a safe passage across a roof
    • Can be adapted to fit all roof types, including single ply, metal, standing seam, composite, membrane, plus others
    • A collective measure – protects everyone working or accessing the roof (when used in conjunction with handrails to guard hazards)
    • Non-slip tread design – provides all weather access
    • Lightweight, strong and will not rust
    • Ultra-low maintenance, easy to keep clean and keeps itself free of debris
    • Does not penetrate the roof covering – avoids leaks
    • CE marked.
  • Why do I need to access the roof?
    • Repairs and maintenance to the roof surface
    • Access to HVAC and other plant
    • Cleaning / maintenance of gutters or roof lights
    • Testing and inspection eg lightning protection
    • Plus others.
  • StrideSafe® UPVC Walkways complies with the following standards:
    • BS7976 – testing for slip resistance
    • EN 516:2006 – Prefabricated accessories for roofing. Installations for roof access. Walkways, treads and steps
    • Tested to ACRM Fragility of Roofing Assemblies ACR(M)001:2011
    • BS 476 – Fire resistance testing
    • CE marked
    • HSE Work at Height Regulations 2005
    • BBA certified.
  • Testing and Inspection

    Walkway systems should be tested and inspected every 12 months to EN 516 in order to ensure they remain compliant and safe – a requirement of The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998.

    Testing and inspection should be carried out by a company that specialises in work at height and has suitable qualifications and experience.

  • Options

    UPVC walkways from HeightSafe are available in a choice of colours to suit specific project requirements.

    Compatible with most roof types including barrel and curved roofs. We can manufacture bespoke fixings to suit. These are self-sealing and suitable for fixing any profile.
    UPVC walkways are sometimes referred to as plastic walkway, stepped roof walkway, plastic rooftop walkway or simply walkway.

  • HeightSafe walkways are suitable for use on the following building types:

    We offer a wide range of walkways, including StrideSafe UPVC, which are suitable for:

    • Education
    • Offices
    • Shops
    • Hotels
    • Residential
    • Rail / transport
    • Sports and Leisure
    • Healthcare
    • Utilities
    • Education
    • Industrial / Commercial Buildings.

    When used in an industrial application, StrideSafe® and other HeightSafe walkways provide a demonstrably clean, safe and delineated passenger pathway. This makes them highly suited to food and beverage production as well as pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

Why Heightsafe?

Keeping Personnel Who Work at Height Safe Since 2009!

Heightsafe are the UK’s leading choice for all Work at Height and Roof Access requirements, including specialist Roofing Walkway systems. Focus on core business activity as Heightsafe act as your specialist partner, providing you with peace of mind peace of mind knowing that you are in safe and trusted hands. Expert installation teams are highly qualified and receive regular refresher training to ensure the highest quality service for clients nationwide.


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Your Specialist Roofing Walkway Partner!

Get in touch with Heightsafe’s friendly, professional team today for free, no obligation advice on your UPVC Roofing Walkway requirements.

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