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Metal Deck Safety Line

Metal Deck Safety Line
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Metal Deck Safety Line?

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The Heightsafe Systems metal deck roof is designed for installation fitting to trapezoidal roof types, with a crown centre of 333 or 400mm. This is done by the utilising Rivets.

Three loadbearing legs ensure material is clamped with an integral EPDM sealing ring to ensure fastening is weather resistant.

As well as the EPDM sealing ring the post is fitted with a synthetic rubber based high performance strip sealant. This product is designed for use on steel and aluminium. The strip gives an air tight seal to comply with Building Regulations.

Our post has been rigorously tested and conforms to:

BS EN 795 :1996, with the exception that the static load test was increased from the current 10kN to 12kN (which is proposed to be the standard from late 2012).

This is achieved by the use of the internal shock absorbing element that is within the post. This enables the load to be absorbed by the post should a fall occur resulting in a fall arrest.

The post can be fixed to roofs that have a angle of 15 °. Ensuring the post can be fitted to the most common roof types.

  • Material:- All Grade 304 Stainless Steel for Post Fixings material as specified earlier
  • Finish:- Natural Stainless Steel/Polyester Powder Coating (Goose Wing Grey)

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