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Steel Roof Safety Lines

Specially designed Fall Protection systems for composite roof types with a maximum pitch of 15°.

Heightsafe’s Steel Roof Safety Line systems are designed for composite roof types with a maximum angle of 15° and crown centre of 300mm to 500mm. The system is fitted with a sealant ring that provides waterproofing for both the system and the membrane beneath it. Since a Roof Safety Line is a critical installation when Working at Height, it is important to ensure market-leading specialists such as Heightsafe design and install them for guaranteed safety.

  • Roof Lifeline System Features


    • Force minimisation technology seen within the internal shock absorber, enables the load to be absorbed by the post should a fall occur resulting in a fall arrest
    • Stainless steel components provide superior levels of corrosion resistance, durability, and service life
    • Versatility of the system means that it can be installed anywhere on the roof deck to ensure the most appropriate application
    • System users are able to detach and reattach at any point on the system, guaranteeing freedom of movement when necessary whilst staying safe at the same time
    • Accessible and easy to use by trained personnel, ensuring minimal disruption to business and guaranteed safety when Working at Height


  • Available for
    • Design
    • Supply
    • Install
  • Legislation and Standards
    • BS EN 795:2012 (C and D)
    • TS 16415:2013

    Did you know? It is recommended that any fall arrest system used for Work at Height is tested for compliance at least once every 12 months. However, Heightsafe suggests your system(s) are inspected every 6 months for total peace of mind.

Why Heightsafe?

Established, trusted providers of specialist Fall Protection systems.

Working nationwide, Heightsafe’s specialist teams are accredited with all relevant certifications with regular refresher training to provide the highest quality installation services – ensuring safety for personnel who Work at Height. With 50 years of combined industry experience and partnerships paired with partnerships with worldwide industry suppliers, Fallprotec and XSPlatforms, you can be sure that your personnel are in safe hands when choosing to work with Heightsafe for your Personal Fall Protection requirements.




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Keeping You Safe Since 2009!

Get in touch with our friendly specialists today for free, no obligation advice on your Personal Fall Protection requirements.

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