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Glidesafe™ Rigid Rail / Box Type / Curtain Sided Safety Systems

Glidesafe™ Rigid Rail / Box Type / Curtain Sided Safety Systems
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Glidesafe™ Rigid Rail / Box Type / Curtain Sided Safety Systems?

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Glidesafe™ has been independently tested by SATRA to conform to the standard EN 795 Class D and is manufactured from components that are subject to the article 11b routines, described by the PPE Directive.

Applications on Rigid/Box vans and curtain sided vehicles, where operators are required to work constantly at or near the edge of a vehicle, can pose serious fall risks, and present businesses with a multitude of H & S issues.  Overcoming those risks are now possible due to the new Glidesafe™ System by Heightsafe, helping you to fulfil your H & S responsibilities.

Utilising ‘C’ shaped profiles to form a moving anchor point, each operator can safely attach themselves to the system using a fall arrest block, giving them the freedom to move around the vehicle at all angles, whilst being protected at all times.

The profiles are formed very similar to a bridge crane system, where two profiles are mounted to the vehicle and run the length of the trailer. Attached to these profiles is a shorter track and spine arrangement which provides the necessary travel and freedom of movement up and down the vehicle.

A single anchor carriage is then installed to the cross bridge to which the fall arrest block is attached.

The shorter (cross bridge) profile is connected to the longer profiles using a specially designed wheeled carrier assembly. The design of which ensures that movement along the vehicle is effortless.

The available space with these types of vehicles is a major issue for the operator and as such the system has been developed to fit into a gap of just 60mm from the top of the trailer, and can be engineered to suit your exact requirement.

Each system is designed specifically to the size of the vehicle, and spans across the trailer.  Our unique design has been created to suit all current vehicle configurations, and can be fitted to newly manufactured commercial vehicles or existing vehicles.

A variety of anchor carriages with fixed or rotating eyes are available to suit the need of the client and the fall arrest PPE equipment being considered.

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